By: Dick Ruzzin / Designer, Author, Watch Lover.

Doxa. The Greek, Hebrew, and Russian word meaning Glory as well as, Orthodoxy and True Belief.






My warmest thanks to author Philip Kuchel of the article, to editor Rachel Reeves, to Martin Foster of the Sydney Clockmakers Society for his written discussion on Huguenin watches and British Horological Institute’s Horological Journal.

I wish to clearly present here the mission of Wandolec Art Studio which is to preserve and restore historic branded watch movements like Patek Philippe, LeCoultre, IWC, Omega, and others that are normally lost forever. These noble watch movements, clearly stated as such, are then placed into new and individually designed cases.

These ones of a kind watches then have a new life as a NOBLE DESIGN WATCH. They are highly valued by our customers around the world.
They are not counterfeit products, fakes, copies, or replicas of brand name items. They have a much higher and prestigious value, a combination of horological history and contemporary watch design.

Our NOBLE DESIGN WATCHES are pieces of art, little time machines that bring great joy and pleasure to hundreds of people around the world.
Respectfully, Borys Sahaydak / Wandolec Art Studio

The journal reference: “Horological Journal (2020) 162(11), 429-433”.


Huguenin’s Gate - A Late Jump Quarter-Seconds Mechanism



By: Dick Ruzzin, Watch Collector, Artist, Designer and Author.


Time machines called clocks, were created hundreds of years ago. First the single handed clock powered by a weight and later the pocket watch powered by the hair of a pig. Following that a watch that you could wear on your wrist.  Composed of classic materials, steel, glass and leather, wristwatch technology has come a long way since the single handed clock.

Some say the watch is no longer needed yet it remains a personal product that represents achievement and pride in the ownership of one of man's greatest inventions. There are many newly created contemporary watches but my experience shows that one with a historic componant will always garner the most admiration.

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A watch collection can be as little as two watches or as many as you feel are required to reflect your lifestyle. My first serious watch purchase was an Omega Speedmaster Mark ll. A classic stainless steel watch that is much more a mechanical instrument than a piece of jewelry. Beautifully designed in the 1960s it has a functional and mechanical style that is unique. It shows that I have admiration for technical subjects and that I appreciate man's special creations.

My second wristwatch is an all gold Lucien Piccard, a gift from my father near the end of his life. It represents something special that brings great memories forward every time I wear it. Memories of good times and learning many things from him that effect my life even now. My third watch, not a surprise as I am an artist, is a special Movado Museum Watch. A beautiful and simple gold case with a blue dial and the distinctive dot at 12 Noon that represents the sun  overhead. The complete opposite of the Omega it has a stunning appearance that almost demands that I wear it with a tuxedo.

While researching the three of them on the Internet one day I realized that each one was very different than the other two, in other words each watch stood out as unique. Each inspired people to regard them as special and to keep them. I then realized that I had a watch collection and I did not know it! I was wearing each watch only at certain times or events as they have three very different personalities and functions. It was then that I saw a very unique watch on the internet and I purchased it. The watch is the only one ever made and is a Noble Design Watch from Studio Wandolec. This small collection has great contrast as you can see.


Different watch personalities can reflect your daily lifestyle. They also become like old friends that make you feel good when wearing them. There are many watch types and styles as well as many materials that they are made of. The design character of a watch is very important, learn to recognize the differences in watch styles. A watch can be sporty or elegant, subtle or ostentatious. As we can see here on the Studio Wandolec Website there is no limit to how unusual or unique a watch can be. Introduced here is the concept of combining a valuable vintage restored movement with a newly designed and created case. Start slowly with a watch that you may already own, you probably wear it often. Have it polished and maintained. Buy a new strap that fits it's personality. Look for it's opposite personality and then seek another watch that pleases you, one that you will enjoy wearing at special times. The first can be a work watch and the second for special occasions with family and friends.

After owning two for awhile, you may see a third watch as a possibility, it might be one that is used at work and also good for special occasions yet is so unique that it stands away from the other two. It can be warn anytime. It will make you feel good and that is great. You now are enjoying being a watch collector. Only you may know it at first and even though you never speak of it people will notice that you have a unique taste.


If you decide to collect historic vintage watches you need to consider what styles are attractive to you, classic from the 1930s and 40s or more modern watches from the 50s and beyond. Or maybe an antique watch that will create many conversations. Watches of today can also be considered as there is a new interest in wristwatches of all kinds. The new technologies are amazing in contrast to historic watches. Which watch fits or contrasts with your idea of fashion? In concert with it or in contrast to it? Both statements are acceptable.


When you search for a special watch that will match your personality and lifestyle you will eventually discover the Wandolec Art Studio and the Noble Design Watch as you have already done. Each watch that they create is the only one in the world. Each Noble Design Watch is special, created with a unique personality and new examples are coming every week from the Wandolec Art Studio in historic Kiev. Each is unique, these watches are special pieces of individual art and design and they deserve consideration by anyone who appreciates art and history. Still even today, the most valuable things on earth are those wonderful things made by hand. The highlight of my collection
is a specially designed and crafted Omega from the Wandolec Art Studio.

You do not "need" such a special watch, but it is great fun to have one. It will also add great value to your life as time goes on.


Here you can see a great example of a collection that presents a very diverse group of watches. This is part of my watch collection, notice the difference in size, shape, personality and materials. A good collection gives you different design and fashion opportunities to choose from for any event or activity. The watch can be harmonic or in contrast to your fashion statement. That is your choice.


This watch is my first choice for any technically oriented event as it demonstartes my appreciation for technology especially where timing is important, like car racing. It is a serious time instrument and it looks like one. I have had it since 1971 and the value keeps going up.


My father's watch, the classic "all gold watch", a basic must have for every collection. This one is worn to family and friend events especially in the summer as it has an adjustable band that allows a loose fit for hot days. It is very light and the design is beautiful.


For an elegant party or special dinner with a special person this watch is my choice. It is an elegant Movado with a blue dial, Cabochon crown and strap. How the Movado designers have produced so many variations of the Museum dial theme is a wonder.


This watch is amazing as it is a one off design. It really impresses people as the idea of wearing the only one in the world is hard to grasp in today's mass production society The movement is a professionaly restored Omega that is almost 100 years old.




My name is Borys and here we create watches with valuable and historic movements that have been preserved, restored and placed in newly designed cases. My watches are singular works of art. Each is original and a one of a kind, a piece of artwork that is also a little time machine formed of metal, glass, and leather.


Correct servicing, saving and everyday using of vintage watches

All vintage and antiquarian old watches which you bought from me at the eBay auction ( or on the website demand extremely care and special leaving.

That your vintage watch was always in working condition, behind them appropriate leaving is necessary. The movement of an old watch it is necessary to clean, oils and control its technical condition regularly. It is the best of all to entrust it to professional watchmakers with experience of the working with antique watches.

We provide the guarantee and after warranty repair and service of the watch bought from us: oils, cleaning, adjustment of the accuracy of the time. You will be able always to contact us through our website

The majority of the guarantee service centers can only replace details on new, and for old antique watches, it is almost impossible to pick up 100% a suitable detail.

All my vintage and antique watches are mechanical. Any repair rather expensive as in the case of breakage of a certain detail it will be required the manual production of a similar part or a long-term selection and a installing of a similar detail into the movement (unlike most late modern model watches).

We will give to you several advice how independently to look after a vintage mechanical watch, to prolong the term of their using, to save money on repair and to observe precautionary measures in the using.



Antique mechanical watch demands a regular check, cleaning, oils and adjustment of the accuracy of the time.

The regularity of preventive maintenance depends on a condition of the vintage old movement, quality of service for it and conditions of daily use.

Everyone three - four years antique watch have to pass preventive repair.

It is regularly necessary to replace lubricants in a watch movement and not to allow oils deterioration. Will be able to help with it to you our professional watchmakers who will provide full preventive maintenance. You will be able always to contact us via our website

These preventive measures will significantly slow down natural wear of original antiquarian details and will keep your watch in working order.

One of the first signs that your watch need prevention is deterioration in accuracy of the course and reduction of the duration of the course of the watch (less than 24 hours) during one full plant of a mainspring.


Winding of watch and setting of time

After you received your watch which bought from us on the eBay auction ( or on the website it is necessary that the watch lay down at a normal temperature as during flight it was affected by low temperatures.

High altitude flights can be hard on watches due to extreme temperature changes. This can cause the oil viscosity to decrease (gum up) and prevent a watch from ticking (the balance moving freely etc.). It may need to be oiled when it arrives regardless of its recent servicing.

To provide the correct functioning of a vintage and antique mechanical watch with old movement, it is recommended to get completely them once in a day, it is desirable at the same time (for example in the morning). To make in addition two or three turnover addition in the evening. For the night to set clock the dial up on any plain surface. On all watches bought from me at the eBay auction ( or on the website the guaranteed 24 course of hours from the moment of full winding of a mainspring.

For start of an antique movement, it is necessary to wind watch manually before to put them on a wrist. A winder key - one of the most vulnerable elements which can break because of uneven pressure. You can wind your watch and set the time via usual way, via the crown. You need to pull out the crown and change the time. For winding the watch only clockwise.

Be careful, over winding any mechanical watch tight can lead to a rupture of the mainspring. Wheels from old metal which are involved in the winding of the movement can break. If you can avoid it do not wind the watch hard. Be careful and gentle when adjusting the movement speed (faster or slower). Do not make sharp movements, and do not touch other components in the movement especially the pendulum mechanism.

When winding the crown, you must stop once you feel resistance.

Adjusting the hands move them in a clockwise direction only. But if you need to adjust counter-clockwise, make it for small adjustments only (i.e. for minutes, not hours) and very soft.

Counter-clockwise adjustments may damage the movement.

The exception is antique watches when counter-clockwise adjustments are required. Or when the user must use a fingernail to change the time.

This type is often called a 'Nail-Set' or 'Pin-Set' watch. This is a variation on the lever-set movement.

In this case, you do not pull the crown out to set the time. Instead, you press the little button near the crown in and then move the crown to set the hands, releasing the button once you’re finished. It’s easy, so do not worry about getting the hang of it! These moments are always specified in the description by my vintage watches on the eBay auction ( or on my website:


Cleaning of watch

For independent cleaning of glass and the case of your vintage watch it is possible to use soft or suede fabric, and for remote corners - a toothpick. The tree will not do harm to metal.

Having removed the watch, remove from their surface traces of moisture and sweat by means of suede fabric.

It is necessary to look after the case and glass the suede or a soft napkin which is not leaving fibers.


Storage of watch

To provide the correct functioning of a vintage and antique mechanical watch with old movement, it is recommended to get completely them once in a day, it is desirable at the same time (for example in the morning). To make in addition two or three turnover addition in the evening. For the night to set clock the dial up on any plain surface. On all watches bought from me at the eBay auction ( or on the website the guaranteed 24 course of hours from the moment of full winding of a mainspring.

The exception makes eight-day watch. For example, watches from Hebdomas Watch Company.

Not recommended very often (three-four and more times a day) to wind antique and vintage old watch. The mainspring of watch renders big load of other parts of the movement. If the mainspring is constantly winded to a maximum, these loadings can be excessive, wear of many old antique metal parts of the movement will amplify and watch will fail.

Not recommended to the wind very seldom watch (for example one or two times in a year).

Having been left without the movement in the old mechanism greasing will manage to thicken and be polymerized. It will perhaps lead your vintage watch to loss of accuracy of the time or even to a full stop of the movement.

Even if you do not use your watch, wind them at least once in a week, it is necessary in order that greasing was evenly distributed on all details, but did not get thick that leads to distortion of the accuracy of working with the movement.

Avoid hit of alcohol, some creams and other alcohol-containing substances including being a part of perfumery, on a surface of acrylic glasses and the watch case. It can cause glass turbidity. And on the case emergence of spots and deleting of gilding or other covering.

In antique and vintage old watches with a calendar where it is provided installation of date it is not necessary to determine date and time in an interval between 21:00 and for 3:00 hours at all (the pinions and wheels providing automatic change of a calendar start moving at this particular time) - it can lead to damage of the calendar device, and depending on its design and still some parts of the movement.

Humidity of air indoors where watch are stored has to be no more than 60%;

Optimum conditions of keeping of vintage watch at a temperature of 22 - 24 degrees Celsius.

It is not necessary to subject your vintage old watch to influence to too high and low temperatures.

Also, you should not wear the watch in a sauna. Sharp change of temperature and excessive humidity and dryness can have an adverse effect on their working capacity.

Sources of heat should not be near that place where you keep your antique watch.

If to leave a mechanical watch on the sun it will lead to premature drying of greasing. Also, in old times, paints for a list of dials were used generally natural, burning out in the sun. Long-term influence of sunshine can spoil the appearance of the dial of your old watch.

Preserve vintage watch against dust and dirt. In case the watch movement is in a dirty state - hours should not go long. Avoid repeated winding before full removal of dirt and prevention in the center of service because with dust and the stiffened oil in stones axes will be scratched and grind off.

The majority of types of coverings of dials do not take out fat and hostile environment never touches the dial.

Fabric materials (clothes) from rigid wool possesses abrasive properties. As the result, in half, a year using of the watch will begin to disappear gilding, and on the case, attritions will appear. For restoration initial the condition of the case will be required removal of the previous covering, polishing of the case and repeated putting gilding, silvering or chromium plating of the case. It is very difficult and expensive.

Do not expect from your antiquarian or vintage old watch of high precision - the error 2-3 minutes per day is already a good result, and within one minute - ideal.


Protection against blows

Vintage and antique watches should not be beaten and dropped. In most cases, the balance will be broken. You can scratch or damage them.

In the antique watch, it is not recommended to be engaged in active kind of sports and other kinds of activity which can lead to blows or concussions of the old antiquarian movement.

Long vibration harms to watch not less, than the strong blow.

If the top glass broke, the watch should be removed and put the dial down to a full stop. To put the dial-up - if the lower glass broke. Small splinters can get into the movement of the watch and can lead to its stop. Larger splinters can get between shooters and the dial and to strongly spoil both the dial and watch hands.

Replace the beaten or burst glass immediately as the crack thickness even in a hair will allow getting a heat and moisture to the mechanism that will be reflected in operability of vintage watch.

To avoid scratches, try not to wear on one wrist at the same time watch and jewelry.


Influence of magnetic fields

Strong magnetic fields, can negatively affect for your vintage watch: to considerably worsen stability and accuracy of the course of the watch or even to lead to a movement stop.

Therefore it is not recommended to hold watch near sources of magnetic fields: monitors, refrigerators, microwave ovens, bags with locks magnets, TVs, acoustic columns and other electrical household appliances. Many household appliances have rather strong electromagnetic radiation which can be enough to magnetize hours.

Influence of magnetic fields will not do to the mechanism long or irreversible harm. In most cases, it is enough to degauss watch to return them to a condition of normal functioning.


Water resisting of watch

Hit of water on the watch case is inadmissible.

Vintage and antique old timepieces are generally not water resistance. This is because water resisting was not in general production until the middle of the 20th century for most timepieces. Therefore you should protect your old vintage watch from exposure to moisture.

In the case, when the vintage movement was subject to moisture influence - it is necessary to open all covers, to dry up the hair dryer and to carry your vintage watch in a watch repair shop because the rust can kill the movement of your antique watch.

If you noticed glass fogging (under glass condensate was formed) it is necessary to address to the service center as soon as possible.

Will be able to help with it to you our professional watchmakers who will provide full preventive maintenance. You will be able always to contact us via our website

Replace the beaten or burst glass immediately as the crack thickness even in a hair will allow getting a heat and moisture to the movement that will be reflected in operability of watch.

In the case in your vintage watch, salty water got it is necessary to carry immediately your vintage watch in the service center for prevention.The salts which got on metal accelerate corrosion.



100% satisfaction guarantee for all of my watches which you bought from me at the eBay auction ( or on the website

If you are in any way unsatisfied with the watch you can just mail it back to me to be corrected and mailed back all repairing at my expense or for a refund without any problems anytime within 60 days after the watch has been sold.

After 60 days you can mail it back to me to be corrected all repairing at your expense.

My goal is to exceed my client's expectations throughout the buying experience.

I and my team stand behind our products, if for any reason you'll receive your product damaged or in non-functioning condition, please contact us immediately via email, we'll gladly assist you in any way we can.

Your satisfaction is important to me!


Feature by Dick Ruzzin

Studio Wandolec is unique on the Internet.  There, INSPIRATION is present and visible in every NOBLE DESIGN WATCH that is created by the artisans, engineers and craftsmen that work there daily.  The root of creativity is found in INSPIRATION.  The following words give some insight into what has driven civilization forward through time all across this small planet as we try daily to improve our lives.
Your NOBLE DESIGN WATCH is unique and special, a little time machine that makes your life a little bit better every day.


When calling on Inspiration in art and design we do not think of death.  How does  it relate to creativity?  Are all humans inspired in some way?  Should we  seek inspiration, should we seek to always be inspired?  Take a deep breath, inspire, think for a moment, expire, clear your head and decide what you will do next.
Sometimes inspiration, used in a different context, is confused with dedication.  Dedication is an admirable human attribute, but the fuel for inspiration is everywhere, like the air around us.  It is the breath of life.  People learn how to use it and it can be an important part of the creative process.  All people can be inspired and can inspire others, as all people are creative.
Inspiration is not hard to find, it is in nature and in the works of man, in all things on earth and in the heavens, it has been an advancement tool for the human condition throughout the ages.  We simply have to breath deeply, relax and open our minds to see and accept it.

                                                  We will be inspired.

Feature by Dick Ruzzin
William L. Mitchell was a great car designer, the Vice President of Design for General Motors in America.  He is credited with many famous sayings, one of them was that "Love starts with a look".  This profound statement does not apply only to cars, but to everything that we are attracted to in life.
Here at the Wandolec Art Studio in Kiev we know what those words mean. For the successful sale of each of our Noble Design Watches is dependant on the aesthetics of the newly created case that will attract that "Look".  After the "Look" comes the wonderful revelation that a movement from an iconic brand has been meticulously restored and is housed within it, resulting in a historic and beautiful little time machine.
The combination of an iconic movement and the aesthetic "Look" results in a Noble Design Watch.  A one of a kind  that is unique and special.   
See them on my website,, and find the one that has the look that you will love.


I have often heard people say, “I am not creative”. NOT TRUE!

All of us, every single person, is creative. People just do not focus on it. Creativity is part of the human character, expressed in many ways and it is how we have been able to advance as a civilization. Some people intuitively become very good at being creative and that leads them to careers influenced by the arts. Fine art, music, design, writing, fashion and all of the professions and hobbies strongly influenced by art are rooted in creativity.

When first discovering creativity by accident people then enjoy the special feeling it gives them.


 All Antique watches are mechanical. Many repairs will not be cheap, as most likely they will require replacement of non-standard parts (unlike most late model watches).

- Antique watches should not be beaten or dropped - because repairs may be expensive.

- Antique watches are generally NOT waterproof. This is because waterproofing was not in general production until the middle of the 20th century for most watches. Therefore you should protect your antique watch from exposure to moisture.

About a hundred years ago the pocket watches were replaced by the wrist watches. By this time many different Watch Factories and their know-how started to disappear.

The quality of the pocket watches of this period is conclusive until today. At this time the watchmaker's tradition was at its zenith in over than 500 years of the history of watchmaking since the era of Leonardo da Vinci.